My Boys

My Boys
I love them

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Let me tell you about my Family! We Live in Colorado Springs Co and have been here for just about three yrs. There is Braxstan age 7 and Ashstan age 4 Prestan works for the Army as a combat Engineer and I JaCee am a stay at home mom and love ever min. of it. We are from Utah and there were we will always call home!We get to live many different places due to prestan's job so far only Colorado but next Sept.2012 Hawaii and who knows after that. Braxstan is Graduating Kindergarten next week ! I am so Proud of him! Ashstan is in Preschool and has one more year of it then he can start Kindergarten he can't wait to go to big boy school he says! I can't wait for my brother to get here next week his wife and my Niece Annaleas Dayna's Daughter are also coming yay! They will be here four a couple of days and then are taking the boys back to Utah with them for the summer. Prestan is getting ready to deploy here soon and we will miss him like crazy 1 year with out him i hate it! But i guess it comes with the job and we know that when he sighed on to it. I hope all will go well for him and us while he is gone! well this is just the start and i hope i can keep this blog up as we move along are journey of life together !

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  1. I'm so glad you're blogging! Just keep looking forward to living in Hawaii and the year that Prestan is gone will fly by fast!